Sunday, July 13, 2008

Irvine Ranch Conservancy Photo Walk

Al asked me a month or two ago if I'd like to a photo walk with one of the photography groups we are a part of. I know he loves the outdoors and taking pictures and I decided to be a good wife and do it with him. I figured it'd be nice to do something he likes to do, a photo hike sounded kinda fun, and it would be good exercise for me and Baby Q.

I ended up LOVING it! It was a great call on his part!

We met some nice people and it was very relaxing. We walked about four miles up and down different paths and worked up a nice sweat on some. We were able to take our time since it was a fairly small group and I'd love to do this again soon.

We saw a lot of the aftermath from the fires last year. It was so sad to see but as Al mentioned, it was amazing how resilient a lot of the trees and brush were.

I was wondering if I should bring my macro since I really don't use it much and Al said that I might want it, and he was right. I used it for 90% of my shots and focused on mostly tiny flowers or plants. It was nice to finally use it again. I remember how badly I wanted that lens at one point and I really don't use it as often as I could. It was nice pulling it out today and getting some detailed shots of God's handiwork.


Some of the blistering from the fire:






Look what I pointed out to the group. I almost stepped on it!!!!

We hiked up to this lookout point. Not bad for a pregnant girl.

There's nothing 'special' about this image. I just loved the landscape against the beautiful sky.

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Al Quackenbush said...

That blistering photo is an awesome shot!! I never even saw that. So cool! Thanks for going today, Momma Q. I had a blast with you and am so proud of you for hiking your butt off and not running away when the snake appeared. ;) You were great and I had fun doing it all with you. Let's do it again real soon!

Sarah said...

BEAUTIFUL! You are awesome!!! Looks like you guys had a blast

Anonymous said...

What beautiful shots. Snakes, I cannot believe you did not run, I would have.

Sounds like you two had a great day. So happy you both enjoy this.

The view after the hike to the top was worth it (easy for me to say LOL)

Love Mom

david & kimi baxter said...

we always LOVE your detail shots my friend!!!! that is an incredible view, and hello preggo and walking like to mt. everest!

cassandra m said...

these are awesome, except that snakes FREAK ME OUT....errrrrr. But I love the other shots. What lens did you use? these are ROCKIN shots!!!!