Saturday, June 13, 2009

"You know I love it when I get to be a dirty girl!"

That's the song I kept thinking of when I was working on Stephanie's photos. More on that later...

I've recently started to work with some actors and models. I didn't know what I was in for, but my experience has been 99% positive. I've read about famous photographers who have said that they'd never work with so and so again because they are just too high maintenance or whatever. I always thought, "Big take some pictures and you're in and you're out." I was wrong. You really have to click otherwise it's really uncomfortable and you really don't enjoy it. And...when you are editing the images, you wish you were doing something else and the bad energy just comes back over the computer screen. It's not fun when it doesn't "mesh".

Fortunately, I lucked out with Stephanie. I love this girl. Not only is she beautiful, sweet and funny...but she is up for anything. We did a shoot together a month or so ago and we clicked and she told me that if I ever wanted to shoot again, she'd be game. Well, I said the same thing to her! When we were setting this one up, I told her that I always wanted to shoot in a laundromat and she basically said, "Let's do it!" I told her that I wouldn't be able to do it unless it was early in the morning. She said, "How's 8:00 am?" On a SUNDAY!! Like I said, I love this girl. :)

Another neat thing about the two of us. I told her that I was searching the internet the night before for laundromat images to get some inspiration. She said she did too! I told her, "But there was NOTHING there!!" She said, "I know!" I said, "But there was some CRAZY images..." She again said, "I know!!!!" LOL Trust me...DON'T search for laundromat photos unless you really want to find some DIRT! Pun sort of intended. ;)

I wanted to play around with some of the processing to get a different feel than just "laundromat" photos. I really had fun with that. Thank you, Stephanie...for yet another relaxing, yet quick and fun session!

Just a few of my favorites so Facebook friends have seen different ones that I posted there, but I save my favorites for here sometimes. :)






Oh...and the song I kept thinking about when working on these photos...I don't know how I was raised in the city and ended up loving country music, but so it goes. And I absolutely love the tongue in cheek lyrics that are in a lot of the country songs. And...if you've never seen this little lady in concert, you need to. She's AWESOME! Enjoy:

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Al Quackenbush said...

I love #2 and #5. Great images and love, love the color! Such a different session from the past stuff. Great job to the both of you!

Steph said...

I LOVEEEE these so much. you always do such a great job, your images are the best i have in my portfolio! and i love the commentary. :) our shoots are so fun and laid back, i always look forward to working with you. and p.s. i love terri clark, that song is great (the guy in the video- wow) i saw her in a "taste of country" concert back at home in buffalo and she was so amazing.

Denise Olson said...

the colors are just fabulous!!!! So much fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

What acute idea, I love the one reflecting in the dryer door, soooo
cute. Like I said before I love the 50's look.

Jim, "Homer" said...

These are outstanding, the clothing she's wearing really fits these shots.

Stephen Grant said...

Gasp! Awesome location, perfect colors - it's got a really sweet nostalgic '50's vibe to it. I think it says a lot about your personality that you are able to click with all types. You're hitting home runs here! Okay, off to google "laundromat"....

cassandra m said...

I love the toning on these. Definitely works with the atmosphere. nice! I love that last shot...awesome. What a great idea, very love love it!

Ruby Rideout said...

your processing is wicked, love it!
how fun kymberlie, i wanna shoot inside a laundromat too!
very cool images, love 'em~