Friday, June 15, 2012


It probably happens in every craft.  There are days you think you hit a home run (and you probably give yourself too much credit) and there are days where you think you're one of the worst ever.  That's how I feel with photography sometimes.  There are definitely love/hate days.  Maybe not so much 'hate', but uninspiring days.  Days when I just don't want to look at my camera, edit another photo or even pull the 'good' camera out to snap pictures of my own little girl or my own adventures. 

And then you have to pull up your big girl pants and give yourself a kick.  You shake the feeling as best as you can, you start to believe in yourself again, you realize you aren't the best, but you aren't the worst either (!) and picking up your camera (or whatever you do) gives you the opportunity to continually approve...IF YOU WANT TO.

When the O.C. Fair comes around, that's usually my chance to sit back and reflect on my work and look to see how I can improve.  I try to do it with every session, but when you're looking for prints to submit for a competition, you REALLY critique yourself.  This year it was hard to choose the perfect submission.  I didn't have my great "Laundry Day" moment or my great 'cows in New York' moment.  I had cute/kitschy type images (at least one) in every session, but nothing that screamed, "Here I am!  I'm the one!  Enter me!".  So I decided to step out of my 'enter a funky/fun picture' box and enter just portraits.  Just faces.  You either like it when you see it or it does nothing for you.  Luckily, these three did something for whomever is pre-judging entries into the photography competition.  Luckily, I had the right eye when I chose these three.  And luckily, between me believing in myself and the O.C. Fair confirming I should continue to believe in myself, I am inspired again.

If you go to the O.C. Fair this summer, keep an eye out for three three images in the Visual Arts Photography Competition.  These three lucky families will be the new owners of a 16x20 (or larger depending on what I enter into the fair) of their print after I retrieve them when the fair ends!




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Anonymous said...

What an absolute honor to have my daughter entered into a photo contest. I'm sooo happy for you and wish you the BEST of luck, I hope ALL you photo get ribbons! Big BIG HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. Looking forward to opening day to see how many ribbons this year. I remember how exciting it was when we spotted your entry and there was the ribbon. Good luck again this year.

Anonymous said...

Omg! Omg! Omg! Yay :) camille

Albert Quackenbush said...

So excited to see these up at the OC Fair!!