Thursday, September 20, 2012

It Won't Be Like This For Long

I've been blessed with the 'take in this moment' trait, so I'm aware that even when I'm tired/stressed/over it and Riley wants to do something/say something/whatnot, I do my best to take it in, knowing that I'm not going to get this time back.  I've always hated the cliche "they grow up so fast", but it is SO true.  I cannot believe my little girl is going to be 4 soon.  There were many difficult middle-of-the-night-crying-baby times where I thought, "Wow, 18 years of responsibility."  Now I think, "Wow, only (almost) 14 more years til she can get up and go."  It is FLYING by.  Sometimes we'll talk and I'll say, "But one day you're going to move out and not be around Mommy and Daddy as much." and she'll say, "But I'll miss you." or "I don't want to move out."  I try to record that little voice saying that and tuck it away.  I encourage anyone with little ones to listen to this if you haven't heard it or share it with a parent that might be having a tough time.  It is so true.

It won’t be like this for long
One day soon that little girl is gonna be
All grown up and gone
Yeah, this phase is gonna fly by
So, he's tryin’ to hold on

‘Cause it won’t be like this for long


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Catherine Grace Life Photography said...

Couldn't agree more! My baby is eighteen and I can't believe how fast it went! Love the song and the adorable photo!